The Problem

Today too many people are needlessly dying from heart attacks.

That’s is why the programs of Heart Center of America are so vitally important.

Over 600,000 Americans die from heart attacks every year and many could be saved if their families and fellow workers knew what first aid steps to take when someone has a heart attack. That is why HCA works in all 50 states to educate Americans about the emergency first aid steps that can save the life of a heart attack victim and why we provide financial assistance to needy Americans who can’t afford proper care following a heart attack.

Our Mission

Heart Center of America has a three part action plan to save lives from heart attack and heart disease:

Emergency First Aid

Our goal is to

  1. Make sure when a person has a heart attack at least one person close by will know how to administer CPR. For every 30 people who know CPR one life is saved.
  2. Make sure all large employers and public gathering places have a defribilator, a devise that can shock a heart back into operation, on hand.
  3. Make sure the spouse of all heart attack victims learns CPR and has a defribilator in their home to help save their spouses life in the event of a repeat heart attack.
  4. Make sure all Americans with cardiac arrest are taken to a hospital that allows therapeutic hypothermia - a treatment that cools the body and can improve survival by up to 1000%.
  5. Make sure all Americans know to chew an aspirin if they feel they are having a heart attack because aspirin can thin blood quickly and save your life.

Financial Aid to Needy Heart Attack Victims

Hundreds of thousands of heart attack victims don’t have the money to pay for the medicine they need to keep them alive. They don’t have transportation to see their doctor. And, often, when recovering from a heart attack they can’t work and therefore can’t pay for food and shelter. It’s hard enough for low income families to make ends meet but when one of the breadwinners gets a heart attack it can be impossible. What’s more, the stress on a heart attack victim knowing they are falling behind on bills and knowing their family is struggling can trigger more heart health problems. That is why HCA provides financial assistance to needy heart attack victims to help pay for bus or cab fare to the doctor, to pay for wheelchairs and other medical equipment, and to help with everyday bills. Since 1990 we have helped over 29,861 families and individuals.

Improve Lifestyle

Its no secret poor diet and lifestyle choices can lead to an early death from heart disease.So HCA provides cutting edge reports and information to help Americans improve their food and lifestyle choices. Even minor changes in diet across our population can result in hundreds of thousands of lives extended and saved from heart attack.

Whether it’s a brother or sister, parent or grandparent, or aunt or uncle, there are very few families in America that haven’t seen a loved one struck down by a heart attack. Here at HCA we’d like to help you save the life of your loved ones and help others protect their family from heart attack.

Please explore our website. See what we’ve done and feel free to download any of our free reports.

Heart Center of America is a 501C-3 non profit charitable organization founded over 20 years ago. Donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law. See HCA Facts. No donation required.