Heart Attack First Aid

Why you must learn emergency heart attack first aid

If a loved one, friend or fellow worker had a heart attack would you know what to do?

  1. If you know Cardiopulmonary Resusitation (CPR) you can save a life. CPR training is offered for free or for a nominal fee at your local Red Cross in many areas.
  2. All hospitals are not the same. Make sure you know the hospital in your area that is best at treating heart attack victims . Click here to see this list of hospitals with accredited Chest Pain Centers . A Chest Pain Center specializes in treating victims of heart attack on an emergency basis.
  3. If someone in your home, office, church or school has had a heart attack or has heart disease and could have a heart attack, click here to purchase a defribilator. A defribilator is a devise that administers a light electrical shock to the heart. This electric shock can help restart the heart of someone who has had a heart attack. Ask the Human Resources Director where you work to purchase one for the office. Ask the leader of your church or synagogue to purchase one for your place of worship. Ask the Dean or principal to purchase one for your school. Every place where people gather has fire extinguishers - lets make sure every place also has life saving defribilators. If your spouse or someone in your home has had a heart attack or has heart disease click here to purchase a defribilator for your home.
  4. One little known method to save a loved ones life if they have cardiac arrest is to immediately call 911, perform CPR, and try take the victim to a hospital that offers therapeutic hypothermia - a treatment that cools the body. Chilling the body can prevent brain and other cellular damage in heart attack victims and can improve survival by up to 1000% and literally bring someone who is clinically dead back to life. Click here to read an article about how chilling with ice can save lives and click here for a listing of the closest hospitals in your areas which offer this life saving treatment.