The Founder of HCA

The doctor worked furiously on Jim Halliburton, trying to get his heart restarted. A massive heart attack, which Jim originally thought, was indigestion had damaged his heart severely, and he had to have surgery.

Midway through the heart catheterization operation, his kidneys shut down, his heart failed.

Jim Halliburton died May 24,1991.

However later that year he formed Heart Support of America, now Heart Center of America. No, that is not a misprint; Jim Halliburton was once more among the living. Jim’s story is one of many near death experiences documented in the book, Second Chances.

Jim survived because the doctor that day refused to accept Jim’s passing without one more effort. He said he heard a voice saying, “Go back and try one more time” So he returned to the operating table and when he advanced the catheter into Halliburton’s heart, it responded.

“It worked,” the doctor shouted. “Thank God, it worked!”

Damage to Jim’s heart was severe enough that doctors did not expect him to live another 72 hours. But three weeks later, when Jim was discharged from the hospital, they knew that a miracle was going home.

Jim knew it, too. Unable to work and support his family and home, Jim was lucky to have the support and financial backing of his wife and family, but he knew others lacked those benefits and that’s what prompted him to found Heart Support of America, now Heart Center of America, Jim said. “I wanted to do what I could to prevent needy heart attack victims from dying because they cannot afford medicine or transportation to and from doctors, or a wheelchair and other medical equipment, or some basic help with living expenses.”

Jim vividly recalled his near death experience, the sense of floating above the operating table, feeling no pain, engulfed in peacefulness. But he also remembered something else. There was a voice telling him to “Go back”.

Fortunately, Halliburton not only chose to “go back”, but he chose to go back and help others through Heart Center of America.

Jim Halliburton died 8 years after his miracle recovery. Today Heart Center of America continues the work he began.